Anarchist Meetup

Anarchist: Question everything!
Meta Anarchist: Why?

Science Lab

If a Mexican, black man, and a Jew walk into a lab… One of them is a PhD, the second one of them is a lab tech, and the last one is a failing a drug test.

Joe Rogan: If human intelligence was calculated only by reading YouTube comments aliens would be confused as fuck at how we ever invented anything.
Illegal Alien: If an alien race was to calculate human intelligence solely on YouTube comments instead of YouTube and the network YouTube runs on, then those would be troll aliens.


If only I can throw up and have all my problems resolve themselves.

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Godless and Senseless

If god is not real, then using the same logic, neither is love.

Glass Half Full of Foolishness

The key reason I haven’t cracked is because I am either a “glass half full” or a “blissfully ignorant” type of person.

Ruin Everything

I may be responsible for our relationship ending, but I can’t be responsible for all of your failures.

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Losing Religion

If you remove religion from humanity you do not remove fundamentalism.

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I took creative motherfucking English and you took regular basic vanilla literal English

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