Feminism and Domestic Abuse

Neo-feminists agree that a wife nagging her husband is a form of verbal abuse and domestic violence.


Religion is not the source of fundamentalism, without religion people would find other reasons for fanaticism.

Got Skills

People with real talent and skill make things look so effortless that someone else without talent or skill can think they can do better and not even come close.

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The law is written using English words but it’s important to remember that it’s its own language.  For example, in colloquial English a person is a person but while in a law dictionary a person is a legal entity such as a person or a corporation.  So of course, corporations are not warm blooded sentient organisms, but in the eyes of the law they can be sued and held accountable and enjoy rights much like a biological person.  Of course, when a Republican says something like “corporations are people, my friend” we can all jeer at skewed the Republican party is, but they are speaking the truth as it is held in a court of a law.

Human Battery

You can either be driven by positive energetic, negative energy, and meh neutral energy.

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Back Roads, Sacramento, CA

Back Roads, Sacramento, CA


We have the technology and resources to give every homeless person a smart phone or tablet, shelter, public transportation, one warm meal day, basic health care.

Communication Models

When people talk to each other they often do so with watered down happy path mental models that have been refined and simplified to a point that it does not resemble the actual situation at hand.

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Falling Into Place

I’m either falling apart or falling to pieces.

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Pay Day

Every day I’m counting down to payday.

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