Lucky Dog

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky.

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In the end we all settle.  And we all think to ourselves… Did I settle too soon?

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The Nature of Things

Everything has a nature to it, understanding it’s nature is the root to taking advantage of it.

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Living Zombie

I’m worth more dead than alive, unfortunately not enough to pay for my funeral costs.

El Pollo Loco

Why did the pollo cross the border? To get a better life for its pollitos!

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Dirty Bombs

All bombs are dirty bombs, there has never been a neat freak bomb that cleans up after it goes off!

Born in Debt

It used to be that when an American child was born he or she was born free, now American children are born with instant debt and a large hospital bill.

Corrections Corporation

The market solution for a corrections and rehabilitation prison system does not provide the greatest good just captive audience for the higher profit.

Concealed Carry

The reason to have a gun is to protect yourself from other people that have guns, that’s why I carry a concealed surface to air missile.

Back to School

During the summer break, most American kids go to summer camp or church camp while Latino kids go to INS detention camp!