Fair Food

Ah, the state fair, where you can get a stick of butter covered in Nutella, deep fried, wrapped in delicious bacon, filled with cream cheese, deep fried again, topped with powdered sugar, sprinkled with bacon bits, and drizzled with caramel, with a side of yellow number 5 nacho cheese for dipping.


My stress level is as high as the temperature times my cholesterol

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Aviation Death Toll

In the span of a week, three different flights crashed in contested and militarized zones around the world with an estimated casualty count of 462.

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Anarchist Meetup

Anarchist: Question everything!
Meta Anarchist: Why?

Science Lab

If a Mexican, black man, and a Jew walk into a lab… One of them is a PhD, the second one of them is a lab tech, and the last one is a failing a drug test.

Joe Rogan: If human intelligence was calculated only by reading YouTube comments aliens would be confused as fuck at how we ever invented anything.
Illegal Alien: If an alien race was to calculate human intelligence solely on YouTube comments instead of YouTube and the network YouTube runs on, then those would be troll aliens.


If only I can throw up and have all my problems resolve themselves.

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Godless and Senseless

If god is not real, then using the same logic, neither is love.